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Muscle Protein Optimizer

Physical Potential Maximized

Aerobic, anaerobic, strength, power, explosiveness, recovery, and endurance are improved with each and every dose. Results realized in men, women, elite, amateur, and pro athletes. Revolutionize your performance.

Increased Strength

Every dose of MPO taken will result in improved muscular performance during high intensity exercise. Athletes who rely on pure power will see improvements in strength, work load, and muscle intensity. MPO’s ingredients work synergistically to increase intramuscular energy (ATP, CP, NADH, FADH2) and, mTOR while neutralizing performance robbing intracellular acid, and creating an intramuscular milieu that promotes muscle recovery.

Increased Endurance

MPO is not just for pushing more weight in the gym, the organic synergy of its ingredients produce ergogenic benefit and improved endurance in both aerobic and anaerobic based athletes. Thus the modern athlete will not only find huge gains during training, they will also see significant improvements in endurance and recovery during competitive events such as track, football, basketball, hockey, boxing, mma, ocr, crossfit, and triathlon.

The Performance Optimizer

Each ingredient in MPO has been proven in clinical trials to increase muscular performance

Muscle Growth

Though some take MPO only on performance days, when MPO is taken daily, the full and additive physiologic mTOR effect of MPO can be seen with significant lean muscle gains if the athlete is training for mass. Of course this requires eating as well for mass gains. Athletes who typically lose weight during the course of their season are able to maintain their weight and the gains they made in the offseason.

Stimulant Free

MPO is free of all stimulants and is formulated with 5 organic, scientifically proven, ergogenic ingredients. It is not a central nervous system stimulant. However, because we only use the essential ingredients that make MPO the most potent natural, WADA, USADA compliant performance optimizer, MPO can be stacked with a stimulant of your choice.

Results Each Dose

MPO requires no loading phase. If you train or compete intensely, you will see a noticeable performance difference each time you take MPO.

MPO provides substrates to the muscle that it needs to work at maximum potential. Therefore, it is not something that your body will develop a tolerance for, and thus MPO is always effective.

Though MPO contains no arginine or citrulline, MPO produces a significant "selective pump" but only when performing isolated muscle group resistance exercise. The pump is a physiologic blood flow that aids muscle metabolism, performance, and recovery.

Set Personal Records

Athletes pushing hard report breaking personal records with amazing frequency when they use MPO. MPO is not just for the young athlete though the frequency of those who hit PR’s is amazing. Yes even 40, 50 and 60 year old fitness enthusiasts have reported their PR’s to us. Now imagine being 60 and pushing more weight than you did at 25.

Your Top Questions, Answered

MPO is the only product on the market that combines 5 ergogenic (high intensity performance aid) ingredients at optimal doses, to maximize athletic performance.

MPO increases strength, power, and endurance with each and every dose (that is why we guarantee satisfaction). Those lifting weights will see increased reps, increased maximum loads, and increased sets. Athletes concentrating on explosiveness and power will see improvements in performance. Explosive legs based athletes (ice hockey, sprinters, some football positions) experience increased ‘leg jump’ and faster recovery. Endurance athletes (soccer, ocr, triathlon) see significant gains ‘I can run all day’. Fighting sport athletes see significant endurance and recovery benefit.

MPO is a performance enhancer (PE). It can be taken prior to a workout or athletic event. If used prior to exercise, drink it 30 minutes prior.

If an individual is looking to increase mass, then MPO should be taken daily. For athletes that tend to lose mass during the course of their season, MPO taken daily will help minimize losses. In older individuals who may have lost muscle mass with aging, MPO can be taken daily to minimize muscle loss.

Absolutely, you can stack MPO with your regular stim type preworkout.

We love to stack MPO with our BCAA 633 prior to workout. BTW, sports science nutrition timing studies show that BCAA prior to workout is superior to whey protein prior to workout for muscle gains. So MPO plus BCAA 633 is the perfect combination.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.