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Phenomenal Product

We purchase all of our supplements from Dioxyme. It is a phenomenal line of products that provides the extra needed enhancement to our healthy lifestyle goals. We are long- standing customers that will continue to purchase from your company.


Great product!

Great product

I’ve been using the Vanilla flavored version for the past year, however it wasn’t available this time. I was reluctant to try the cinnamon bun, but went ahead and purchased it. I must say that I’m very pleased with the taste. I’ve tried othe brands, but New Zealand Whet Protein Powder is the best that I’ve had. Hopefully the vanilla flavor will be available again too.

Love it

Great product the powders mix easily and completely and taste better than most brands I’ve tried. The engergy supplement definitely works well for me I feel more focused to hit my workout.

Good product

Good product

Amazing Taste

The taste is rich and very fine powder!


I ordered the fat burn package. I’m really excited about my digestive system getting back on track in just one week of use. The shakes taste great as well, like a chocolate frosty from Wendy’s, but even better. I’m excited about ordering vanilla do I can add frozen fruit to them.


I’ve only been using the MPO for a week and I can tell a difference in the way I work out. I have more of a pump and I feel more energized throughout the workout than before. Great stuff can wait to see results!

Great stack

Saw an Instagram post about these products and decided to take a look. Straight forward company that products have no hidden ingredients. Will order again.

tastes great

iv had both chocolate and chocolate peanut butter, both are great.

very nice.

Very nice. Very comfortable. I like how the RED is boldly displayed. I did many deployments and this shirt is definitely a conversation starter.

love the taste

I really enjoy this protein, it has a great taste. I have it in the morning and after my workout.

New Zealand Whey review

I’ve been taking New Zealand Whey for a couple of years. It’s the ONLY Whey Protein I will ever buy. The purest ingredients, no BS fillers, it mixes easy, and it tastes great.


Very good results

The best protein I۪ve ever tried

This is the best protein on the market. Thin, mixes instantly- great tasting. Some people think that protein is protein۝ - wow, couldn۪t be further from the truth. The quality is unmatched.

Way to go MPO

Dioxyme MPO gives a great pump and has a great taste.

great protein

great taste

Great product

Great product to give a pre-workout boost.



Best Protein Available

Clean, good taste, mixes really well and great consistency!

Chocolate Whey Protein

It mixes well with any liquid. Blend it with some ice, egg whites, all natural peanut butter and you have your self one delicious shake. :)

Works Great and Tastes Good!

I have been using this everyday for about 2.5 weeks now and I’ve definitely felt a strength increase. It’s hard to flavor HICA supplements, but they definitely figured out how - very refreshing semi-sweet lemonade flavor. I will be making this a staple in my arsenal.

Awesome product! Best protein taste,

Awesome product! Best protein taste, mixes well, no aftertaste, not thick., great results!

Best protein on the market

I recently purchased a container of the chocolate protein.Seriously it's like drinking a nesquick chocolate drink.,Its so good that I actually have started to crave drinking these,which has in return more than helped to reduce cravings for bad junk food.For a nice treat I sometimes mic with 8 oz microfiltered lactose free skim milk for a really incredible high protein treat.
Just ordered 2 more of these.

Home of more than the All Blacks

I don't know a lot about New Zealand but I now know they are not only home to the All Blacks Ruby team but also top of the line Whey protein. Best in class taste, texture, and results for my money. Thanks!

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