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love the taste

I really enjoy this protein, it has a great taste. I have it in the morning and after my workout.


Very good results

The best protein I۪ve ever tried

This is the best protein on the market. Thin, mixes instantly- great tasting. Some people think that protein is protein۝ - wow, couldn۪t be further from the truth. The quality is unmatched.

Way to go MPO

Dioxyme MPO gives a great pump and has a great taste.

great protein

great taste

Great product

Great product to give a pre-workout boost.



Best Protein Available

Clean, good taste, mixes really well and great consistency!

Chocolate Whey Protein

It mixes well with any liquid. Blend it with some ice, egg whites, all natural peanut butter and you have your self one delicious shake. :)

Works Great and Tastes Good!

I have been using this everyday for about 2.5 weeks now and I’ve definitely felt a strength increase. It’s hard to flavor HICA supplements, but they definitely figured out how - very refreshing semi-sweet lemonade flavor. I will be making this a staple in my arsenal.

Awesome product! Best protein taste,

Awesome product! Best protein taste, mixes well, no aftertaste, not thick., great results!

Best protein on the market

I recently purchased a container of the chocolate protein.Seriously it's like drinking a nesquick chocolate drink.,Its so good that I actually have started to crave drinking these,which has in return more than helped to reduce cravings for bad junk food.For a nice treat I sometimes mic with 8 oz microfiltered lactose free skim milk for a really incredible high protein treat.
Just ordered 2 more of these.

Home of more than the All Blacks

I don't know a lot about New Zealand but I now know they are not only home to the All Blacks Ruby team but also top of the line Whey protein. Best in class taste, texture, and results for my money. Thanks!


Quick shipping. Immediately got helped online when I had a question. Already seeing results

Protein Drink

Great flavor!

Mandatory Wardrobe Item

High quality t-shirt that supports a great veteran non-profit!
Read up on RED Friday and then grab a shirt to wear, supporting those who support us!

Love the products!!

Love the products!!

Dioxyme MPO

I’ve been using the Dioxyme MPO and BCAA’s during my workouts for at least 18 months. Over the last 18 months, I rarely have aching muscles after my personal training classes and the definition in my upper body is visibly. I love all the products I’m tried from Dioxyme!


Great flavor.



Best tasting, powder dissolves the

Best tasting, powder dissolves the easiest of any I have used since 2004

Awesome protein powder!

The balance of protein powder and bcaa’s together all in one package is brilliant. Love the taste and love that it doesn’t make you feel full or bloated. Excellent product worth trying! You’ll never go back to any of the others.

Coconut whey

Very strong flavor of coconut. Like to get something else instead of always chocolate. Good second choice.

effective and tastes great!

effective and tastes great!

Awesome shirt, awesome cause!

Bought this shirt and 2 others and they fit awesome! I figure I could compare quality to many Rogue shirts (which I have many) and size and quality is about the same. I will definitely buy more of these Dioxyme shirts in the future!

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