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Honestly it’s an amazing product nothing will happen over night but with a good diet and training hard you see amazing results

Miss the old formula

This new Ultra Whey formula is good don't get me wrong, 27g per scoop is great. But a 38g total scoop is pretty huge, that means adding more water and I sometimes have a hard time to get the scoops to shake when I put them in a shaker bottle. Miss the original, but thanks for some good products.


I have tried many protein powders - this is by far the best!!!

Great Product!

Blends smoothly, tastes great, and digests easily!


I'm using it not to long, but like all the Dioxyme products I use amazing!!

Road to Recovery

Began a workout program with a personal trainer about 2 months ago prior to back surgery. He recommended this product, and I could not be happier with it. I’ve lost weight and feel much better as I continue to rehab.

Great Product

Immediately noticed more energy and clarity throughout the day.

Great Product!

Noticing changes in less then 2 weeks


Flavor was decent. Love your products and I will be buying monthly. Probably try a different flavor next month. This one was good and I don't get tired of it but.i feel like your company probably has something even better

Too early to tell

I have only used Burn3000 for a week and it just too early to tell, how it is working. Give me a full bottle and I am sure it will be great!

E is awesome

Absolutely loved it so far and have only been taking 2 a day, one in the morning at one before lunch. Definitely feel more dialed in and aware of a lot of things

Best Protein powder on the market!

Not only are the ingredients amazing, but the taste is also one of the best I've tried.

Worth the wait

Excellent product

Great Cup

The cup has a section to divide supplements. Use the bottom section to store my Dioxyme MPO & mix it at the gym


Simple, easy, focused all day.


Better than what I expected. Delivers

Great Whey

Grass fed Whey is important for a body builder. It’s the high quality protein no fillers and great taste. Favorite flavor cinnamon bun and strawberry

Awesome product!

I love Dioxyme products! They feel clean, taste good. Definitely feel the benefits as I workout and push my body to the extreme during long runs or HIIT training. Its a quality product and you are getting what you pay for. Worth looking into and trying it.

I Like E

I like the product and that it is certified.

Back For More

I am back again because the product just works.


I never liked the taste of energy drinks and 2 capsules are just so easy.

Good Service

My shipping was a little delayed but these guys responded right away. Service is excellent.


Just what I needed!

Happy Customer

The protein and VMINO is great so I tried E. Dioxyme gets it.

e Energy Focus

Name is funny. But very happy with product.

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