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New Zealand Whey Protein

Human Performance Maximized

NZWP is formulated to provide the best, highest grade protein with fast and sustained amino-acid delivery that blows open the nutritional timing window delivering elite performance.

Whey Isolate 94

Whey Isolate is the highest grade, fastest absorbing, and most bioavailable protein source available. The body uses more of it for muscle synthesis than any other type of protein, including meat, chicken, eggs, casein etc.

Our New Zealand grass-fed protein takes it a step further.

Whey Isolate 94 has 5% more protein gram for gram than average whey isolates.

Native Natural Whey

Forms of whey concentrate vary between 32% - 80% protein. We utilize New Zealand Whey Concentrate 80. This natural native whey is grass-fed, ultra-refined, and the highest grade whey concentrate available.

Whey Concentrate provides sustained amino acid delivery thru native cold-processed proteins, and vital proteins to improve cellular function, muscle protein synthesis, and bodily systems.

Unmatched Raw Ingredients

We source our whey from New Zealand for its superior quality and the most stringent standards in the world

In Pasteur Grass-Fed

Our cows are pasteur-raised with a 100% grass-fed diet. Grass-fed cow’s milk has up to five times higher CLA and higher quatities of Vitamin A, E, Beta-Carotene, and essential Omega-3's than grain fed cow’s milk.

We follow all organic and kosher guidelines, and manufacture in a cGMP facility registered for kosher production.


We use cold-processed whey in its natural state, unaltered by irradiation or filtering that would denature (damage) the protein.

Cold-processed whey retains its nutrients leaving it full of easily-absorbed amino acids, active peptides, and vital proteins essential for the immune and blood systems, cellular healing and growth, and muscle protein synthesis.

Clean Zero's

Our New Zealand Whey Protein contains Zero Banned Substances, Zero GMO's, Zero Antibiotics, Zero Hormones, Zero Artificial Colors, Zero Soy, Zero Fillers, and Zero Gluten.

What we do offer, is clean and effective cold-processed, ultra-premium grade protein, designed to improve health and maximize human performance.

Your Top Questions, Answered

Our flavors frankly are quite amazing. Chocolate tastes like a mocha chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter uses our chocolate flavoring mixed with real peanut butter powder, Coconut tastes like smooth coconut (not pina colada) and even those who do not like regular coconut are amazed at the flavor, Cinnamon Bun tastes like a powdered version of a cinnabun, our Strawberry tastes just like Nestle Qwik Strawberry milk, and Vanilla is a creamy luxurious vanilla.

To maximize the NZWP flavor profile, mix one scoop in 5-6 ounces of water. NZWP is so refined that you can also mix it directly into yogurt. Though you can mix it in milk or almond milk, there is really no need to the added calories, fat or carbs.

Grass fed cows milk has a higher content of CLA, Omega-3 and Vitamins than grain fed cows milk.

New Zealand has very strict codes for farmers requiring them to use no antibiotics or growth hormones to increase milk production.

First, Whey has the highest bioavailability of any protein on the planet. It is higher than egg, meat, fowl, and fish by 20-40%. And even higher when compared to casein, milk isolate, and milk concentrate. This means more availability for feeding your muscles. The purpose of a protein powder is to conveniently add protein to your system without eating a meal. Why wouldn’t you want it to be the best possible?

Second, by adding additional proteins to a formula, supplement companies are able to take advantage of FDA guidelines and dumb down their formulas and minimize how much of the expensive ingredients they put in.

Taurine is an amino acid NOT found in whey but found in other protein sources. Taurine is an excellent supplement that has significant health and athletic benefits such as improved recovery from intense exercise, increased fat burning, lower stress and cortisol response and it promotes higher testosterone levels.

Glycine is an amino acid that has been studied as a life extender supplement. It has been found in proper doses to create a similar effect on longevity as does caloric restriction.

As we try and make the best and beneficial products, our Physician Formulators felt that adding Taurine and Glycine would benefit athletes and health enthusiasts.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.